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Choosing Your Home’s Color Palette

We are surrounded in world full of color. It seems as though every time we step outside, there is something that catches our eye. Having so many beautiful colors to choose from is wonderful, but it can also be overwhelming and stressful when it comes to narrowing down choices for your home. Here are 4 tips that will hopefully make choosing your home’s color palette a bit easier.

Tip #1: Stick with what you love

Most of us have a favorite color, but if you don’t, start paying attention to the colors you gravitate to. Looking at the wardrobe hanging in your closet is a good place to determine the main colors we’re drawn to. If you are a fan of bold, daring colors, soften up the palette by incorporating white, off-white, or lighter shades of your hue. If you prefer softer, subtler colors, add flair by strategically placing small bursts of bolder colors throughout the space.


Tip #2: Think in themes

Think about things you like. Perhaps you enjoy the beach, have a fondness for international travel, or love to hike out in nature. Often times, decorating themes come with their own color schemes. For instance, if you want to create a beach feel, your palette would include colors that reflected the sun, water and sand.

Tip #3: Pull colors from art and accents

If you’ve lived in your home a while, you probably already have artwork hanging on the wall or accents scattered throughout the space. If you choose a scheme around a piece of artwork, be sure to paint the walls a lighter shade so the artwork pops. If you have a gorgeous area rug in your space or window treatments you love, you can pull colors from it and construct a color palette. Perhaps you have decorative bottles or vases on shelves. Again, you can create a color scheme by using them as inspiration.

Tip #4: Fall back on the classics

Classic colors are classic for a reason, and by sticking with them, you can never go wrong. Some classic color palettes that have stood the test of time are black and white, blue and yellow, and green and blue. There’s nothing wrong with using them if you just don’t have enough around to inspire you.

Whatever you choose to do, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and get creative. As a general rule, avoid trendy colors if it’s something large scale. Instead, incorporate those colors through smaller items like pillows, lampshades, or something else that won’t cost a fortune to replace once the fad as passed. Above all else, be sure to design with you in mind. In other words, keep in mind that it’s your space, and one that you should be comfortable in.

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