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Custom Pillows Cost How Much?!

Custom pillows pull together a room effortlessly. Few things feel as good in decorating than merely tossing a couple of pillows on the sofa and another on the chair to “complete the look”, successfully. However, as with most things in life, there is a lot of time, money, and other resources that you need to invest before getting to the “ah-ha!” moment. If you feel a bit intimidated right now, do not fear. By the end of this article, you will be well on your way to getting your “ah-ha!” moment!

Healthy eating seems to be all the rage these days and if you’re one, like me, who strives to give your body the best, you know that to do so can be pretty pricey. Just think about how much it costs to eat mostly organic, compared to what it costs to buy processed foods. The latter gives you more for your money, but it certainly isn’t the best for your health.


Anytime I go grocery shopping for my family, I usually find myself cringing when I see the total. I catch myself eyeballing other carts around me and often, I see people with even more items than I have. In most cases, those carts are full of items that I just wouldn’t purchase for my family. But even with that mindset, and the determination to get the best ingredients I can for my household, I sometimes question myself, wondering if it’s really worth it. And then it hits me yes, it is.

I mean, the average $250-$300 I spend to feed my family of four for a short two weeks could probably cover an entire month if I chose sub par ingredients but I don’t. Surely I must be out of my mind to pay so much for food right?

Why on earth would someone pay so much for a pillow of all things? Surely $20 accent pillows from the department store are sufficient!

Not really.

Custom pillows are kind of like the food bill. It costs to eat well, and it costs to have custom touches added to your home. In both cases, it’s an investment, and one that is worth it.

Depending on the fabric selected, the yardage needed, and the labor involved, the cost of a single pillow can start in the hundreds. And while the thought of that seems staggering especially if you need several pillows think about what you’ll be getting in return by making the investment. Your home will look perfectly polished when you have fine, quality fabrics covering pillows specifically tailored to your home’s decor.

Just like a trip through the grocery store, a trip through the fabric department can leave you questioning your motives behind potential purchases. But if you remember that investing in the best can give you benefits for many years, you’ll realize that it is, in fact, worth it.

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