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Decorating With Your Pet in Mind

People love their pets, so it’s no surprise that homeowners want to decorate while keeping them in mind. After all, they are family, so it’s important that a home’s design caters to them on some level. This doesn’t mean that nice things have to be sacrificed. You can actually have a beautiful home that you can enjoy as much as they can. Here are some tips that will help you get it done.


  1. Groom your pets. Keeping your pets groomed regularly will help you keep your home clean longer. Furniture, pillows and drapes attract pet hair and long claws can result in scratches and tears. A good grooming and nail trim will help greatly in both areas. You’d be surprised how a simple grooming can go a long way.
  1. Keep carpet to a minimum. If possible, avoid carpeting the main areas of your home. Carpet can easily soak up stains and trap hairs and odors, so when possible, go with hardwood flooring. Painted concrete, brick, terrazzo and tile are also great options. If you just love carpet, opt for a low-pile version that will be easier to maintain.
  1. Use your pet for color inspiration. If you haven’t decided on a color scheme yet, look to your pet. Using colors that are similar to the color of your pet’s fur is a practical way to keep the place looking a bit tidier. If your pet has dark fur, opt for flooring in a darker wood (or something in gray) rather than something light. Doing so would help camouflage some of the mess pet fur can leave behind.
  1. Make the design fit your pet’s lifestyle. Does your pet go outside frequently? If so, create a designated pet area near the door used. Make sure there is a cabinet or shelving to hold items such as their food, towels, shampoo, leash and toys. Do you crate them during the day? If the answer is yes, hide the crate by putting it behind a side table or chest.
  1. Pick pet-friendly fabrics. With pets, you probably wouldn’t want to upholster with silk or velvet. Keep those fabrics for formal areas and use more pet-friendly fabrics like leather, microfiber, cotton and cotton blends, in the main spaces your pet frequents. Fabrics such as these are durable and easy to clean. If your pet shares your bed, lean toward cotton sheets and but a protector pad. Another wise move is to go with a duvet cover that can be cleaned easily.
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