How To Decorate A Man Cave

7 Tips on How to Decorate a Stylish and Functional Man Cave

When a woman hears the words ‘man cave’, the mind tends to wander to thoughts of dark, smelly rooms, somewhat characteristic of a dungeon. That doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, in most cases, that couldn’t be further from the truth!

A man cave is simply a place where a man can pursue his interests, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a dreary little hole that never sees the light of day. Today, man caves are becoming trendy, and when designed correctly, they can even be a space a woman can tolerate–or dare I say it–enjoy. Here are seven tips on how to decorate the perfect man cave.



Tip #1: Keep the decor simple

When designing and decorating a man cave, go in with a minimalist approach. Consider what the space will be used for and stay focused on the basics, which generally include furniture, television, shelving, and a little bit of artwork. A durable area rug, a couple of lamps, and some blackout curtains on the window can’t hurt either. Just keep them simple. Save the clutter for another space.

Tip #2: Choose an earthy color palette

Skip the pastels and other feminine colors, focusing solely on solid, darker colors. Think reds, browns, greens, grays, and blues since these are colors guys tend to gravitate towards. If your guy likes the idea of painting the room in the colors of his favorite sports team, go for it!

Tip #3: Focus on comfortable and quality furniture

Men like to stretch out to watch movies or sports, so look for large comfortable couches and easy chairs. Aim for a comfortable sectional and extra seating so he can entertain some of his buddies. Think about how many friends he’s likely to have over at a time and then do your best to incorporate enough seating to accommodate them. If the space is smaller, just keep some folding chairs handy for when the crowd gets larger than expected.

Not too many guys need or want end tables, but a sturdy coffee table can come in handy as a resting place for drinks and snacks. Storage is important, so be sure to incorporate cabinets or shelving. When possible, go with quality pieces that are built to last. Don’t overlook antiques and vintages pieces, as they can be upcycled into something perfect for the space.

Tip #4: Purchase manly fabrics

Lean towards durable fabrics that are durable and able to conceal dirt, such as leather, suede, denim, tweed, corduroy or microfiber. In regards to patterns, avoid florals and stick with more masculine patterns like plaids, checks, stripes, and geometrics. If you already have furniture that will work in the space, consider reupholstering it.

Tip #5: Design around the gadgets

In most cases, your guy’s man cave will have a flat-screen TV and home theater sound system. Since these will be the focal points, design around them rather than the other way around. High-tech gadgets have lots of wires, so make sure the room as plenty of outlets to accommodate. To keep a clean look, focus on custom entertainment centers that will keep wires concealed.

With lots of gadgets comes noise. Therefore, if you have the means, consider soundproofing the space. If the room is going to be one filled with loud sounds from the TV, stereo, etc., then it doesn’t hurt to think about doing this. A soundproofed room can really keep that noise from spilling over into other parts of the house.

Tip #6: Have a space for fun

What does your man like to do? Does he like to play pool or table hockey? What about darts or video games? If so, make sure you leave a little extra space for the necessary items. If your guy prefers chess or board games, then make sure there’s an all-around game table available.

With all that fun, your man is sure to get thirsty–and the best way to cure that is to incorporate a wet bar if there’s room. If not, then at least work in a mini-fridge somewhere so he can stash his choice beverages.

Tip #7: Make it personal

It’s important to make the room personal. If he has a collection, display it in a lighted cabinet. If he’s into sports, hang a jersey or other sports memorabilia on the wall. Does he like to travel or love music? Think about framing pieces of maps or album covers to use as artwork. You can even turn old concert tees into artwork or pillows. Does he like vintage airplanes or cars? If so, there are plenty of places online that carry products that fit the bill. Whatever he’s into, find a way to incorporate it into the room.

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