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Design Styles Defined: All You Need to Know About Coastal Design Style

You don’t have to live by the ocean to get a coastal look for your home. Full of light, comfortable, and decked out in colors inspired by sand, sun, and sea, it’s no surprise the casual beauty of coastal design is becoming increasingly popular throughout homes today.

The term coastal is actually a very broad term, with several variations to it. The most popular, however, is what is commonly called American coastal, which is what the majority of this piece will be about. This style reflects what probably comes to mind when you think about a beach house. In a nutshell, it radiates summer every day of the year.

Keep in mind, coastal design style is often confused with nautical or Hampton’s interior design styles. However, coastal design is different. While you can certainly go full-on nautical, there’s no reason to. Instead, a coastal interior has the best of both worlds— a nautical vibe but with a laid back, yet chic look. 


Elements of American Coastal Design Style

Some elements which are specific to American coastal design:

  • Nautical and natural decor
  • Natural fibers like sisal, jute, linen, and cotton
  • Lots of white, with ocean and sky hues as compliments
  • Distressed woods
  • Painted furnishings
  • Abundant light
  • Crisp fabrics
  • Casual furniture

Interior Coastal Style

Coastal interiors should feel as open and breezy as the beach, so you won’t see much clutter or furniture clogging up the space. There are often several windows that allow an abundance of light. Fabrics are crisp, clean and mainly of natural fibers. Since coastal style is laid back, things like mirrors and glass tabletops will be carefully placed about so light extra light will be reflected throughout. In coastal design style nautical or beachy-like treasures will be on display, but not in excess just enough to create visual interest.

Beach-House Style Furniture

Coastal furniture should look as though it can stand up against sandy feet and salty ocean air. Slipcovers, wicker, thick glass and sturdy wood are ideal. If you prefer upholstered pieces, opt for indoor/outdoor fabrics that fit the bill for this design style. 

Keep in mind that the key to a welcoming interior is to focus on the furniture layout almost as much as the furniture itself. A good way to do this is ease back on the amount of furniture throughout the space, opting for a sleeker, more modern look. The goal is to make the furniture the focal point, while still leaving enough negative space for movement around the room. A streamlined look such as this means now, more than ever, you have to make every piece of furniture count. Go for those pieces that will really speak to the coastal design style. 


The color white is key to the coastal palette, however, to add dimension, colors such as cream, beige and khaki can be layered in. Soft oceanic blue is also a favorite among this style. Hints of classic nautical hues, like navy and gold, are also incorporated from time to time, however, these lean more toward nautical. If it’s a modern American coastal design style you’re after, consider vibrant pops of yellow, coral and turquoise.

Textures and Patterns for Cohesiveness

Visual weight (how the design elements look like they feel) is so important in coastal design. After all, being at the beach is all about sensations (think toes in the sand and the feel of shells or rocks), so it only makes sense to recreate those sensations inside, right? This is where decor comes into play. 

Start out by layering in various textures that are visually obvious— woven rugs, weathered furniture, rough clayware, etc. Then, add in the comfort with plush cushions and soft, cuddly fabrics. All of these textural elements are what make coastal design so incredibly popular. 

In regards to patterns, stripes are a very distinctive part of this style wherever solid white isn’t used. Chevron patterns in cheerful colors can also be a great addition to coastal interiors. For a more modern spin on the coastal design style, a brightly colored accent cushion with a trendy print works great. 

Variations of Coastal Design

As mentioned earlier, there are several variations of coastal design. One of these might be even more fitting for your personal taste:

  • New England coastal: A palette of crisp blue and white, simple furniture, bare floors, natural fiber rugs, and woven accent pieces. A true reflection of places like Newport, Nantucket, the Hamptons, and Martha’s Vineyard.
  • Southern coastal: Grand porches, historic details, heirlooms, painted shutters, and comfy seating.
  • California coastal: Cheerful hues paired with white, natural wood, handmade or vintage decor, casual seating, and eclectic textiles.
  • Beachy glam: Colorful and playful, this style is soothing and glamorous at the same time. Classic coastal colors jazzed up with accents like animal prints and chandeliers.
  • British seaside: Tons of white on the walls, floors and ceilings, vintage wood and tin, and faded pastel fabrics.
  • Country coastal: Classic colors of red, white and blue and antique or thrift store finds.
  • Tropical island coastal: Bright tropical patterns, natural teak (or other woods), cultural decor and other natural elements.
  • Mediterranean coastal: Lots of natural light, terra cotta, heavy woods, black iron or metals and carved detailing.
  • Classic coastal: Bold stripes, a color palette of whites, neutrals, blues, charcoal and black, coastal art, simple window treatments, and traditional furniture styles.

Coastal Doesn’t Have to Be “Traditional” 

Regardless of what specific coastal design style speaks to you, don’t feel as though you have to be limited to “traditional” decor. In fact, there’s no reason to fear blending more trendy pieces with one or two statement items that infuse the room with a hint of beachy nostalgia. Sure, those traditional decor pieces influenced this style greatly, but that doesn’t mean it can’t evolve into something a bit more, you. 

If you are looking for a store to help you achieve your coastal style with the right furniture, fabrics, and accessories, come see us. We have just what you need! Stop by our showroom near Pearland, TX to view our beautiful selections. We look forward to helping you!

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