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Why Linen Is An Essential Fabric For Your Home and How to Incorporate Linen in Your Home Decor

If you haven’t given linen much thought, today is a great day to start. One of the oldest-known fibers to man, linen has so much to offer, yet it is often overlooked as a decorating fabric. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this fabric a perfect choice for the interior of your home.

The Special Traits of Linen

Linen is known for its beauty, comfort, and durability, but there are other traits that make it so special. Here are some traits you may not be aware of:

Linen is eco-friendly.

Now, more than ever, our society seems to be focused on doing better for the environment. Going green isn’t so much a trend anymore, but rather a way of life for many people. Linen is composed of flax, which is biodegradable and recyclable. Additionally, flax produces no waste and requires less water, pesticides, and energy to process. If you’re eco-conscious, then you should certainly consider incorporating linen into your home.


Linen helps regulate body temperature.

Climates vary among homeowners, which can make it challenging at times to find a fabric that can work year round. Linen just happens to be one of those fabrics. It’s so versatile, it can be used for all four seasons. Linen evaporates moisture and it naturally insulates. What does that mean? It means you’ll stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Linen has healing properties.

Really! Linen can actually aid in healing your body. It can help reduce or eliminate skin irritations, detoxify the air, and can even provide more relaxation to your nervous, muscular and cardiovascular system. Consider that we live in a such a fast-paced world, this the healing properties of linen can be a benefit to us all. Linen is also anti-microbial and resistant to fungi, which is an added bonus.

Linen has longevity.

If you’re anything like me, you want the things you invest in to last a while. Fabric, however, can be tricky–especially if you have a busy household. Linen, however, is a fiber that lasts a long time. Not only is it incredibly strong, it’s great at repelling dirt and retaining its color. Additionally, it doesn’t stretch and manages to stay tough even though it softens over time.

How to Use Linen in Your Home

Linen is extremely versatile, which makes it easy to use in a variety of ways. For the home, consider using linen in the following ways:

  • On the windows. Linen is perfect for beautifully casual window treatments.
  • On your bed. Linen can keep you comfortable at night in all seasons.
  • On furniture. Linen is ideal for a comfortable slipcover.
  • In the bathroom. Change out that old shower curtain for a linen one dyed in a fun color.
  • At the table. Linen can dress up a table effortlessly. In addition to a traditional tablecloth, use it to make placemats, dish towels, and/or cocktail napkins.
  • On photo frames. Linen can be used as a trim to add some style to plain accessories.
  • Over a light fixture. Consider recovering a tired lampshade with linen.

Even though linen is known to wrinkle, the benefits far outweigh that. Wrinkles give your home a look of casual elegance, which not many other fabrics can provide. In addition to that, linen can be bought at a very reasonable price. Before you design, rethink linen.

Ready to add linen to your home? If so, browse online or come into INTERIOR FABRICS near The Woodlands , TX to see our gorgeous selection of linen fabrics, also available online. We have a variety of linen and linen blends that will add extra beauty to your home.

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