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Design Styles Defined: Romantic

Romance doesn’t have to be reserved for specific holidays, such as Valentine’s Day. In fact, romance can be a part of your everyday life if that’s what you want. If you have a soft spot for decor that makes you swoon, then romantic design style may be for you.

A romantic design style is a very distinct decorating style that can look beautiful in any room of your home. Even the most modern homes can benefit from some romantic touches!

At the core, the romantic design style is soft and fanciful. Thought to be a bit old-fashioned, romantic style is actually fresh and fun, with a touch of femininity. The style is simple, comfortable and beautiful. Let’s take a deeper look at this unique style to see if it suits your taste.


Elements of Romantic Design Style

As with all other design styles, there are certain elements that make it unique. Here’s a quick breakdown of the elements that make romantic design what it is:

  • Gently weathered furniture
  • Soft, flattering colors
  • Soft lighting
  • Feminine touches
  • Smoky mirrors
  • Floral accents


The romantic design style is all about having a space worthy of snuggling up and getting cozy. Furniture is generally cushy, curvy and feminine. Colors are warm, creamy and inviting. Light fixtures are often wall-mounted sconces or sparkly chandeliers or pendants (to give off a romantic glow, lower-wattage bulbs are preferred). Delicate string lighting, decorative lanterns, and an abundance of candles are other popular choices for giving the interior a dramatic glow.

Graceful touches full of beauty and sophistication can be found throughout the space, such as apothecary style jars and crystal doorknobs. Mirrors with a distressed or antique finished frame are a popular accessory.

Flowers are generally the finishing touch in this design style. Garlands, garden wreaths, and fresh blooms displayed in glass vases are some popular ways to scatter romance throughout the space. Even a floral-print duvet or quilted throw will work. To keep visual appeal, floral items often fall into the same color family.

If one main element is meant to be the focal point, it will dominate by either being large in scale or vibrant in color.


The most romantic rooms typically feature feminine furniture, such as tufted accent chairs and Queen Anne style sofas–basically anything that was influenced by the Victorian era. But this by no way means that masculine pieces aren’t welcome. Quite the opposite in fact. To make it work, however, there needs to be balance. To get that balance, sturdy furniture in darker woods are placed in the space and then accented with a few pieces made with graceful curves. Many pieces tend to be weathered.


Romantic spaces have soft whispers of color throughout that provide an abode fit for rest and relaxation. Although color schemes vary based on personal taste, all shades remain subdued. Pinks and creamy whites are never wrong. Subdued coral, apricot, and terracotta are also wonderful choices. Pale blue and rich purples like violet and plum are also favorites.

To keep spaces from looking too light, incorporate a rich taupe color. A hardier color added to a softer color palette can help ground the space and give the room a focal point. Mixing in worn and welcoming textures like rustic or white-washed woods can also ground the room and add layers of warmth.


Textures and Patterns

A romantic space must have soft, supple fabrics. Popular fabrics that help create a romantic mood are silk, chenille, velvet, and matelasse (think chenille bedspreads, velvet coverlets, and lace curtains). Billowing, elegant sheer curtains are used in a variety of ways to soften the space including on windows, in reading nooks or dressing areas, and even on doorways. The textural quality of these fabrics really improves the overall aesthetic of the space. Pillows are fluffy and rugs are plush.

Be sure to layer textures, as it is an important component of romantic home decor. Pile on bedding in various fabrics, weights, and colors and look for pillows that have decorative details like fringe, ribbons, ruffles, and lace trim. Having bedding and accent pillows custom made is a great way to ensure that your romantic decor is spot on.

When it comes to fabric patterns, in a romantic space, it often revolves around florals. That doesn’t mean that solids aren’t used because they are, and quite frequently. Standout pieces, however, are usually covered in a pattern. Many of today’s floral patterns have a fresher look, which means your home will look fresh, rather than dated. Have a man in your home that needs a little less dainty and a little more robust in his life? No problem! To add a touch of masculinity to the room, bring in some stripes.

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