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How to Turn Your Bedroom in Romantic Getaway and not just on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the only one day of the whole year, but that doesn’t mean your bedroom can only have a romantic vibe for just one day. In fact, considering the bedroom is a place where you, and your significant other, spend a lot of time, it’s a room that should remain romantic all year long. If you aren’t sure where to begin, consider 5 key ingredients: your senses. Let’s take a look at how you can create a romantic bedroom that will appeal to your sense of touch, smell, sight, taste, and sound.



The bed is the focal point of any bedroom–and to make it romantic, your goal should be to make it as cozy as possible. Luxurious sheets, such as high-quality Egyptian or Prima, soft blankets, plush pillows and custom bedding are all great places to start. Be sure to layer in a variety of textiles with a variety of textures for optimum pleasure. But don’t forget about the mattress or the headboard. A good mattress will make your time together heavenly and a custom upholstered headboard will make the room feel like you’re in a five-star hotel.


Grouping scented candles together not only smell nice, they also resemble a romantic fireplace. Not every scent works well for everyone, so if you aren’t sure what your partner likes, lean toward something mild. If you two have a favorite vacation spot, close your eyes as you test the scents to see if there’s something that brings back memories of your trips there.

If candles aren’t your thing, consider getting your aromatic effect from essential oils. Essential oils are extremely popular for a variety of reasons, including their ability to help reduce stress and promote relaxation–two things that are very important when it comes to unwinding, getting a good night’s rest, or setting the mood. Because of their popularity, home diffusers for dispersing the oils can be found online easily.


Please your eyes with your color palette and lighting. While there is no set standard when it comes to a romantic color scheme, you’ll generally want to opt for a fairly limited palette full of soft colors. Crisp or creamy whites, blush pink, and soft grays and blues provide a soft, romantic look. A neutral palette accented with silver finishes will give your room a luxe look. Chocolate browns and red will give the room a passionate punch.

Keep in mind that dark, bold (or bright) colors will make it very challenging to achieve a romantic look. If you just can’t ignore their call, however, save them for accents rather than your bedroom’s main color palette.

When it comes to lighting, you can keep it simple or go all out with a chandelier. Whichever lighting you choose, choose lower wattage or install a dimmer so you can control how much light you want. Lamps, sconces, and candles are also great low-lighting ways to set the mood. In regards to natural light, dress your windows to complete the design, control light and provide privacy.

Decorations are also an important element of sight. The bedroom should be a retreat, so treat it as such. If you and your partner have special memories of vacation spots or events you’ve enjoyed together, see if you have some pictures that can be put in nice frames. If not, at least try to decorate your bedroom with the best accessories you can find. Doing so will make the space feel even more special for the both of you.

Something else to consider in regards to sight is clutter. Clutter can be extremely unsightly and in most cases, a real mood killer. To keep this from happening, clear out what doesn’t belong. I can honestly say that I’m guilty of piling stacks of papers or whatever else on top of the dresser because I don’t have time to put it where it really belongs. Or a laundry basket full of clothes on the floor next to the foot of the bed. I know it doesn’t go there, but alas… Regardless, the bedroom shouldn’t be used as a storage unit. It’s the space where we go to relax and it can be really hard to do so when clutter piles up.


Champagne and chocolate are a perfect combination for a romantic setting. Be sure to keep a tray handy, or if you have space, add a bistro-sized table and chair set to create a nook for times you want to have a romantic evening at home.


Music is a mood setter so be sure to keep your favorite CDs handy. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary, but if you’d like it to remain a romantic one, move the television to another room to avoid distraction from each other.

Did you also know that window treatments can affect sound? It’s true! In the bedroom, consider a double rod that will allow you to hang sheers and heavier drapes. Not only will you have control of light, those drapes will act as a buffer against outdoor sounds.

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