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Six Nursery Decorating Tips On a Budget

Let’s face it: when a baby is on the way, it’s hard to resist buying all the ‘things’. From clothes to toys to furniture, we want our little one to have a friendly, comfortable space. While that’s totally understandable, what we envision isn’t always within reason — at least not financially. The good news is that your bundle of joy isn’t quite so particular (not yet, anyway) about his or her surroundings, which means it’s more than possible to decorate a nursery on a budget. And yes, everyone has a different idea on this – some want new everything, others want to collect from friends and family, and still others want to forge a meeting in between the two. In this article, we’ll try to tackle decorative nurseries on a budget, however, babies are so fun to welcome into a family regardless of which path is your preference!

Now, don’t let the word budget turn you off. This does not mean your baby’s space will be cold and empty. Far from it! It simply means that what’s in the room will be carefully selected in a way where less will be more. Let’s take a look at how you can create a beautiful abode for a baby without breaking the bank.


Three Nursery Decorating Tips On A Budget Houston Tx Designer Fabric

1. Focus more on need and less on want

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that babies grow out of things quickly, which is why it’s best to focus more on the necessities, rather than the flair. He doesn’t have to have that hand-painted mural. She doesn’t have to have that designer layette. There’s nothing wrong with these things, but if you’re looking to save some cash, focus on what you need more than what you want.

2. Buy a convertible crib

A convertible crib may cost more than a basic model, but it is definitely worth the investment. What’s great about a convertible crib is that it can easily transition into a toddler-friendly day bed with some simple adjustments. With some, you even have the possibility to add a few more spare parts that will turn it into a full-size adult bed. How great is it that one piece of furniture can take your little one from cradle to college? 

The brand you purchase will determine whether all the hardware and accessories necessary for conversion will be included or whether you’ll have to purchase them separately. If not included, be sure to factor in the cost of those additional pieces upfront. It’s also a good idea to purchase those parts as soon as possible. Many manufacturers upgrade their models every few years, so there’s no guarantee that the parts you need will be available in the future. Waiting too long and being unable to find the additional pieces can pretty much sabotage this wise investment.

Three Nursery Decorating Tips On A Budget Houston Designer Fabric

3. Skip the changing table 

The thought of a changing table sounds nice, but they quickly outgrow their usefulness. Once babies start wriggling around, many parents tend to feel more comfortable simply changing them on the floor. If you do prefer a changing area that’s waist-high, consider placing a changing pad on top of the dresser that’s in your baby’s room. That way, you save some space and some money.

4. Go with Classics

If you’ve taken a glance at baby bedding, it’s likely you’ve noticed just how fleeting those patterns can be!  Solid muted colors, plaid, polka dots, and stripes and all fantastic choices. As a side note: according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, until the age of 1, all your little one really needs is a firm mattress, a thin waterproof cover, and some fitted sheets. For warmth, a sleep sack or swaddle will do the job. For drapes, sheets, comforters and the like that you do get

5. Upcycle & Participate in Family Heirloom Traditions

The best way to save money, especially on the big items, is to get them second-hand. If you have family members or friends with hand-me-downs to pass on, take advantage of them if those items will work in your space. No hand-me-downs? No problem! Look online on sites such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace to see who in your area has items to sell if you are really into upcycling type crafts! Check local flea markets, thrift stores, consignment stores, or garage sales. Oftentimes, a good washing and a fresh coat of paint or stain are all you’ll need to give new life to an old piece. If you are lucky, you might have an item that has been passed along for generations as an heirloom tradition (let’s just hope it’s not a crib)!  As long as the item meets current safety specifications, you should be fine. 

6. Add in color and visual interest affordably

Babies love color, but as mentioned earlier, he or she doesn’t have to have a fancy mural painted on the wall to be happy. If you’re an avid DIY-er, then fabric will be your friend. Find some fabric in a great print and get busy making things like window treatments, decorative pennant garlands, and eye-catching fabric panels for wall art (or keep it simpler by using the fabric in smaller frames). If you aren’t, make use of sites like Etsy for those little extras. If space allows, find an area rug that suits the room. 

When the time comes to incorporate some fabric or extra detail into your baby’s nursery, come by the showroom to take a look at what we have to offer. We have discount designer fabrics and beautiful rugs that can work with your little one’s space now and in the years ahead. 


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