It’s safe to say that the cuddly, adorable, four-legged creatures we call pets can bring a lot of joy to our lives. Still, there’s no denying that they can also be tough on our living spaces — especially on furniture. From pet hair accumulation to scratches and scuffs, it can be hard to maintain the desired look of our home. If you have a pet and find yourself in a predicament such as this, it might be time to jump on board with some pet-friendly fabrics. With the right fabrics, you can have a home that’s as equally gorgeous for you as it is functional for your pet. Here are five stylish and durable material options that can suit any home and style. 

 Dont Sacrifice Style with these 5 Pet-Friendly Fabrics Frisco Fabric Store Tx

1. Leather (or Faux Leather)

Leather or faux leather is ideal when you have pets. One great feature is that its smooth surface makes it difficult for pet hair to stick. But, in the times that it does, it’s very easy to clean with a simple vacuum and wipedown. Another great feature is how it wears. Leather naturally develops a worn patina over time which will help disguise any minor scratches or scuffs that may occur. With that said, leather is incredibly durable, so claw damage should be minimal in the first place (unless you have an unrelenting kitty, that is).  

Check out this one, of several, faux leather choices we have to offer. Who says leather can’t be exciting?! 

2. Velvet

You might be shocked to see velvet on this list, but it is actually a pet-friendly option! It looks luxurious and delicate, but thanks to its tight weave and low pile, it can actually withstand more abuse than we give it credit for. Another perk is velvet’s short fibers, which help keep liquids and odors from setting in and make it easier to clean.  Dont Sacrifice Style with these 5 Pet Friendly Fabrics Frisco Fabric Store

We have so many great new velvets coming to the store, so be sure to check back soon! 

3. Performance Fabrics

Performance fabrics are a great choice these days, whether you have pets or not. In addition to being incredibly stylish, they are antimicrobial, durable, and resistant to mold, mildew, water, stains, and fading. To learn more about performance fabrics and the benefits that come with them, we recommend reading our blog post Have Worry-Free Living With Our New Performance Fabrics. As an addition to your home, you will not be disappointed! 

4. Microfiber

Microfiber, also known as microsuede, ultra-suede, and faux suede is another wonderful option for pet owners. Microfiber is very tough but it is also very soft, allowing you to have the durability you need and the comfort you want. Microfiber also comes in a variety of colors and patterns, making it a fabric that can suit a variety of decorating styles.  Dont Sacrifice Style with these 5 Pet Friendly Fabrics Frisco Tx Fabric Store

Just look at this suede-finished microfiber option we carry. Isn’t it lovely? 

5. Dark Colored and Patterned Fabrics

If none of the above fabric choices suit you, your next best option would be to choose fabrics that can disguise what pets can leave behind. This would include textured fabrics as well as fabrics that are patterned and/or darker in color. Fabrics such as these will make it harder to spot dirt and any otherwise noticeable marks. Plus, these fabrics give you a wonderful opportunity to add a little extra personality to the space! 

Fabrics That Pets (and Their Humans) Will Love

Remember, you don’t have to sacrifice great style just because you have a pet (or two, or three…). Anything but! Whenever you need to update your current fabrics or simply add some fabrics into the mix of what you already have, come stop by to see us! We have discount designer fabrics that fall into every type listed above and more. While you’re at it, take a look at the other items we have that you and your four-legged friend will appreciate, like a stylishly durable area rug or even some pet-themed Uttermost wall art!