Design Styles Defined Hollywood Regency Plano Tx Drapery Fabrics jpg

Design Styles Defined: Hollywood Regency

Hollywood regency style could be best described as a little bit glamour, a little bit glitz, and a whole lot of style. Made popular during Hollywood’s Golden Age, one might think this 1930s-inspired interior is a relic of the past, but it isn’t. Today’s version of Hollywood Regency is a bit more modern than it […]

How to Use Multiple Fabrics Cohesively jpg

How to Use Multiple Fabrics Cohesively

Unless you are a home decorator, the thought of using multiple fabrics in a space can be a little intimidating. It doesn’t have to be though. In fact, simply understanding some basic principles about mixing colors, patterns, and textures in your home can make it much easier to step outside the comfort zone of neutrals. […]

5 Common Color Pitfalls to Avoid Designer Fabric Store Keller jpg

5 Common Color Pitfalls to Avoid

Every color that we encounter has its own character and behaviors— each of which conveys messages that can alter our perceptions and moods. This alone can have a huge impact on several aspects of life, including how we decorate our home. Whether you are starting from scratch or updating your home’s current interior, color will […]

contemporary design style how to home accessories shop

Design Styles Defined: Contemporary

Contemporary design style can be tricky for some people. Often confused with modern design, contemporary a separate entity— although one that did borrow elements from both modernism and postmodernism. A big difference is that contemporary design is not necessarily tied to a specific period of time in the same way that the modern style is. […]

Design Styles Defined Industrial jpg

Design Styles Defined: Industrial

At one time, industrial wasn’t even an interior design style, but that’s no longer the case. What was once found only in buildings, such as warehouses or factories, can now be found in an abundance of homes. Stripped down to its barest components, industrial style is just as beautiful as it is confident. But what […]

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